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I saw this on instagram and ordered 3 items from this store. The packaging is really pretty and the lipgloss itself looks so aesthetically pleasing! Safe to say I will be trying out other lip cosmetic options from this store!


I love both of the products, they work really well for me! I only ordered the lip gloss but they also gave me a an eyebrow pencil which I thought was really sweet!

Kaitlyn S.

Everything arrived safely and in great condition! I absolutely adore the package and its contents. Would definitely recommend.

Izabela M.

I just got mine yesterday! It appears to be thick like a lip mud but it's surprisingly light and very pigmented. I love it, I'm so glad I have a reliable shop for c-beauty now!


So happy they ship to Mexico, it took some time, but i really like all the products, they also gave me some free gifts, so sweet.

Sadie Lee

The shipping is faster than i thought, the owner is nice, gave some free gifts, and i really love the into you lip mud, so soft.

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